Mommy Growing up: Kick ass pressures

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kick ass pressures

Going back to grad school, not even been officially enrolled yet as a student, the pressure is now getting on my nerves.

Pressures, stress and more pressures are now terrorizing my used-to-be-relaxing days. Vacation is finally over and I think I'm starting to get crazy.

Then again, I thought of my own limitations. I'm quite prone to attention deficit and easily falls to depression ~ often ending up either surfing the internet aimlessly or just sleeping off my supposed-to-be-busy days.

In this light, I guess I need this bombardment of kick ass pressures ~ to push me, to annoy me, to get me pumpin' and work my lazy ass out. Sounds fair enough, right?

Hope it works *fingers crossed*! Good luck to me though!


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  2. Hi Katya kate,
    I know such moments so well. At times I seem to need an overdose of patience and perseverance. Keep on keeping on and I wish you lots of success.

  3. you seem to be a very busy mommy. thanks for visiting my blog, now following you

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  4. Wishing you good luck too. I promise it's not gonna be easy but you will make it.


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