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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pink thoughts: Dior

It's been almost a month. Living away from hubby (and youngest daughter) is an everyday torture. Then I realized, for ten years of being married, actually, we've always been living apart...

The first time was after a year of our marriage. Hubby left me and our then 6-month old eldest daughter for a one-year study in Japan. After he got back and we lived together for two years, it was then me who left him for a teaching job far from home ~ for two long years. Our kids stayed with me and we got to see each other only on holidays. Then I got granted for a graduate study abroad, so again I left him behind, this time him and our kids. A year later, he came to join me and subsequently took our kids to join us. However, such short happy years of living together came to end. Hubby was now back in our country (with our youngest daughter), leaving me (and our eldest daughter) behind for his teaching job. 

This kind of set-up oftentimes leave me wondering. Is this what we really wanted? I think there is more of a life out there, much better, less complicated and far happier. 

Earlier this week, I was cleaning our closet when I saw this lovely pink special Christian Dior perfume. Hubby bought it for me years ago ~ the fist time he left us.

Chris 1947 ~ a hot pink colored fragrance contained in a pink attractive bottle. A special limited edition fragrance from the Dior fashion house.
 Chris 1947 (a floral scent with a hint of wood and musk) is said to be the embodiment of the sexy woman who works and plays hard. Hmmm, interesting...
Looking at this perfume, I am once again reminded of my hubby's love for me (or of his leaving me lol). Boy, I'm glad he is just a text message or skype away.

Nevertheless, I'm still hoping and praying that our difficult situation will pass. Can't wait to come home and live together as a whole and normal family again.


  1. dropping by for Pink Fridays, mine is up at, i hope you can check it out and leave some love...

  2. I don't know the feeling of living apart as a wife. But I know that for a daughter it's quita sad not have a complete family by your side always.
    I pray that god will lead you to his will about your family set up.
    Cute perfume bottle.
    my first PF post

  3. That sounds so hard! I can't imagine. My husband is at a job right now where we only see him on the weekends and he is away during the week. That is hard enough. I hope things can get easier for you soon!! By the way thanks for the comment on my blog, that is a good tip. I'm planning on doing that but in the mean time just taking a general break from FB. =)

  4. I like the bottle color and design:)

    Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me too:)

  5. very nice perfume...sweet but cannot have perfume, am allergy :-( visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  6. I can relate to your situation sis, I have delivered my daughter without my hubby, I have endured the course of my 9months alone(rather with my family-since I am living with my them).

    Now Christmas is fast approaching, I am quite excited since this is the first with my daughter but at the same time melancholic because we're not together as family,this should be our first... the same goes for my daughter's 1st birthday coming up in January 6th.

    All the "firsts" are missed, I wonder if until when I will be able to survive all of these? I am just now looking for the time we will be finally together, our papers are already on process so I hope that it will be all very soon.

    My prayers are with you...i wish that we will be given more perseverance and understanding regarding our situation...God bless!


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