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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Farewell

This post got me teary-eyed today. I missed my husband and my 5-year old daughter so much. Both went back home to our country two weeks ago thus leaving me and my eldest daughter behind to finish our respective studies. Two days before her flight for home, my baby bade farewell to her teachers and peers at school. This cute personalized pink card was given to her by her kindergarten teacher and classmates.

I love what her teacher wrote. So touching! Notice the blue thumb prints of all her classmates with their respective names on it. So creative and sweet!
My baby with her kind kindergarten teacher Miss Jenny. 
This was the first thing my baby showed me when I came to visit her at school.
Holding on to her dear memorable piece.
Us with my baby's cute classmates.
How sweet and cuter can they be! Everybody was hugging Aron goodbye every now and then.

Now, I wonna cry again. I missed my baby so much. It's been two lonely weeks. On a lighter note, I'm just glad her Dad and grandparents love her so much that she might not even notice my absence...


  1. ohhh how sweet her classmates... I am studying to become a teacher like your daughter's age... I can be like her teacher Jenny..(My name is Jenny too) kind and pretty. ohhh i love the touching note...

    visiting from PF...

  2. Oh, how touching it is indeed!
    visiting for PF!

  3. HOw cute is that. I love that they take off their shoes before entering Asian! So when are you coming to the PI? we should get together sometimes...and break some plates ;)

  4. Ohhh, I might just cry along with you with this tearjerker of a post. I hope that all goes well in school and that you can be with your family soon. BTW, that letter is so cute. I'm sure you're ready to frame it. Just kidding.
    Have a great weekend,
    Spanish4Kiddos – The Spanish Science Corner

  5. sweet of them!Kahit naman siguro ako mata-touch sa gesture nila^_^

    Happy Pink Friday!

  6. @bestfriend: Thank you, I'm sure you will be a very good kindergarten teacher. Good luck to your dreams!
    @Rachel: Thanks, yah it was such a sweet gesture, so thoughtful..
    @Rachel Joy: I'll try to finish as soon as possible so I can go home. Thanks for the invite, can't wait to break plates, and in fact I wonna do it right now too to ease up the pressures haha!
    @Barbara: Thank you so much. I'll try my best to finish soon so I can go home too. I will definitely frame this one of a kind card, no kidding lol. Thanks.
    @Clarissa: Thanks a lot, ang sweet nga nila and my daughter really had fun in her short stint with them. Still thinking a way how to reciprocate their kindness :)

  7. awww so touching Mommy, it makes me cry :-( while reading your post. I know that your daughter miss you too :-( It will not belong you will see each other again and that will be the happy moments ever. Visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too :-)

  8. Keep it girl, its precious..Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me if you have not done yet:)

  9. I hear you. Must be so hard for a Mom to be away from her lovely little girl. That was such a sweet gesture from everyone.

    BTW, thanks for the follow. I followed you back via Network Blogs. I am visiting back here from

    See yah!

  10. Hi Kat, your daughter's teacher is so creative. I am sure it is not only you who misses your daughter but also them.

    Take courage. Wish you that one day you will be together once again.

    Salamat sa bisita ug sa comment. Pag uli take time to visit MVC. It's one nice place, pwede na ring tourist destination. ^^

  11. Very nice card! Ang sweet namn ng teacher and classmates ng daughter mo!

  12. awwww :') that is so touching. when will you be reunited ? hope soon :)

    visiting you from Pink Friday. hope you can visit me back at: AJISEN RAMEN

  13. Your post got me teary-eyed... I just can't imagine how hard it is for both of you... I hope you will see each other soon...

    Here for PF... Please check out my PF entry...

    Planning for Bella's First Birthday

    See you around...

  14. That is a sweet gesture indeed! Wow, nagpa-iwan pala kayo? I can't imagine being away from my daughter for that long. Lol. I have yet to try. Ha ha ha. For sure it must be real hard.

    Late visit for PF! Hope you don't mind.... :)
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