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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tardy party hosts

Every year, we organized a Halloween party for a group of friends. Actually, we did such themed parties since my daughter Joey came to Taiwan. Such occasions are rare opportunities and good excuses for us to dress up, get a little bit crazy and just have fun. Last year's Halloween was a blast too. However, the real intention for this simple gathering was to celebrate my best friend's birthday.

So for this year's Halloween/bestfriend's birthday, we organized the party once more and guess what, the hosts, that means me and the birthday girl were late, very late. It was so embarrassing and I'm not proud of it. Anyways, that day was so busy ~ bestfriend and I studied from night till morning to catch up with our deadlines, slept for 4 hours, then went shopping, cooking, went to my lab for 30 minutes to culture some bacteria, then went to assist bestfriend's cooking, decided which dress to wear, then took a shower and dressed up my daughter first, then me. Crazy day huh? Yes but I survived it although the consequence was bad ~ got late to start the party like at least for an hour. Terrible indeed! Just grateful all our guests were our good friends, who understood why the tardiness, or kind of expected it from us already lol.

Meet my best friend or we call each other "sisters". Planning ourselves to tour Europe together one day or just simply retire on one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines. Hmmm, it's free to dream right? As for the friendship part, we've been through a lot together ~ in the highs and lows of our lives. For almost five years of being together, we learned to love each other practically like sisters.

She was a Roman goddess and me, I don't know, some lady in pink?
A better view of our dresses! I'm supposed to be Poison Ivy  that night but this girl managed to convince me to wear the pink chiffon dress! I so love it too though I'm no longer sure what I will be..
That's my daughter in green. She was Tinker Bell. Somebody stole her wings lol.
Some of our friends! Indeed a good time to take a break from our stressful lives!
For this particular pinky meme, I and a good friend/colleague from Cameroon who also wore pink that fun-filled night posed for the camera. He was actually the earliest bird among all of us~ never failed to be on time on events.

Pinky us!

Showing off our pinks.

Everybody had fun that night especially our birthday girl and of course our little princess Joey that the extreme tardiness of the party hosts were totally forgiven (and hopefully forgotten lol).

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  1. You could be the Pink Lady...the non scary version of a white lady ;)

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  3. So beautiful, love your dress!

    My PINK, have a great weekend and festive Thanksgiving celebration!

  4. You look so happy I know you had a wonderful time, tardy or not! You look very pretty in pink!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Very lovely ladies!! It looks like everyone had a very fun time. Happy Pink Saturday.

    Hugs,LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques

  6. you're simply lovely in pink dress, visiting for Pink fridays,mine is at i hope could find time to visit and show some love..

  7. that's a pretty pink looks great on you

    visiting fromPF

  8. pretty ladies, pretty costumes too :-) Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  9. I love the dresses, you looked amazing in your lovely pink dress.

  10. I love the powder blue dress too. visiting from PF

  11. I like your flowy gown, you look stunning:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit me too..

    Visiting for PF!

  12. obviously you had fun..
    Visiting from PF, entry #36. Pink Bear
    You might want to join Orange Tuesdays open from Tuesday to Saturday..happy weekend :)

  13. you look great with your pink dress. Visiting from PF. Hope you could get a chance to visit my entry.

  14. oh i agree youre a goddess! so pretty! i love both of your dresses :) thnks for visiting. and pls include me to your dream of travelling :P

  15. Awww! Love those gorgeous dress! You three ladies look so stunning! :)

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  16. a tardy comment here. Hope you don't mind hehehe :) I love both your dresses and they are my fave colors too. :)

    Visiting you from PF!

  17. Love you girl!! Can't wait to get crazy on your b-day, I'm "cooking" smth.....mwhahaha

  18. looks like you had a lovely time! and you and your bestfriend (as well as your daughter) look great in your dresses too!


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