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Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday Pink

For my nth birthday last year, my friends gave me this beautiful bouquet of fragrant lovely flowers. Ain't they beautiful!

A group of pink roses accompanied by a white stargazer lily and greenies, all wrapped in pink!
Ain't they very pretty and sweet!!!
Friends who invaded me that fun night!
Celebrating with my dear family and friends last year!  

For my oncoming birthday this year (yes, on my fave holiday-filled December, and it's next week!), indeed I have a lot of blessings to be thankful for! My deteriorating physical and mental health (due to stress) improved a lot. I was able to take care of my body of my family's health properly. I was able to reunite my youngest daughter (then 4-year old) with us from across another country. I was beyond blissful to have my whole family together, even for at least 7 months. We bonded together as an expat family, travelling, celebrating all birthdays, going to foreign schools, hanging out with friends and simply enjoying another country's culture together. We passed a lot of trials and so blessed and thankful to God we survived them. Having a handful of genuine friends around helped a lot too. Overall, though as my birthday is coming, age is undeniably increasing, wrinkles start appearing but I don't care, I enjoyed my 2011 a lot and looking forward for a more glamorous blissful 2012. Cheers!


  1. The bouquet was beautiful just like you:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

  2. mommy katya kate, you're looking pretty in the pictures as always ha? ;)

    happy birthday sa'yo (kelan nga ba?) may your blessings be doubled as time goes by ;)

    thanks for the PF visit!

  3. you have the sweetest and generous friends, belated happy birthday mommy

  4. Ah so nice friends you have. Visiting from PF!

  5. very pretty flowers, loved them :-) looks like you had a wonderful birthday Mommy. Returning the love for PF, thank you for the visit too. I do appreciate it.

  6. Great shots! Happy birthday! :)

    Late visit for PF! Hope you don't mind! :)

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  7. wow! how sweet of your friends...great photos!


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