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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss Potter

My daughter loves crafting ~ and the latest craze she had is pottery making. We went shopping together and she picked her own Christmas gift supposedly from me lol. Yes, she picked up no less than a Potter's Wheel. Glad too the thing was on sale from 21usd down to 17usd.

Getting ready to explore her new toy!
Our little Miss potter!
Oh yes, getting her hands artistically dirty!
And I can't help joining the fun too lol!
Her first batch of colored pots!  Yes, she designed, made and colored it herself.

Overall, I'm so proud of my li'l girl. She made sure too she cleans her toys after using. Yes, she's growing up, becoming more creative and more responsible, at least with her own stuff. Such toy is really worth the buy. As for her Christmas gift for me, she said she's giving all her creations to me lol.  Ain't that the sweetest!

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  1. Ang creative namn talaga ng daughter mo! Ang ganda ng toy na yan parang gusto ko din. hehehe!

  2. Hi Katya kate,
    Congratulations to your daughter! She is very talented. I note that you also had a go at it. The pots are lovely. I really appreciate your adding this to the Creative Thursday Blog Hop. I have been trying to write these comments for hours now but my internet service has been giving me a difficult time.Take care and all the best to you and your family.

  3. Lovely! I love pottery! Even though I'm a beginner, it's so relaxing! New follower from the hop, would you follow me back?

  4. Very cute! I've never seen one for kids but I know my girls would like that in a year or two.

    ~Ali from VB

  5. Love it!! She is an Artist in the makings!! This is how they start out, ya know!! Wonderful ~ You Go Girl! :-) And thanks for stopping by! :-)
    P.S. Last minute gifts/stocking stuffers and 15% off entire online Boutique! :-)

  6. That is fun! my girls had that potery wheel also and had hours of entrtainments! Great educational hobby too!

  7. i think this is really great! :) wish i could get one for my daughter too!


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