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This page is dedicated to all the challenges that I need or must have to conquer:

First challenge (September 29, 2011)

My weight. You see, I am petite (or small or call me dwarf lol) standing at 5 ft tall. I weigh 115 lbs and according to BMI calculator, I fall to normal weight given my height, thank goodness. However, I have an apple-shaped body and tend to gain fat around my belly, I call it love handles though lol. Based on my waist to hip ratio, I am at moderate risk to health problems associated with obesity such as diabetes, coronary heart disease or high blood pressure (both my parents have the last risk and some relatives have the three risks).

So, my challenge now is to reduce this skinny jeans zipper-breaking belly of mine and to keep my weight at a healthy level. Then goes the hard part. I have to cut back all of my unhealthy calories-laden food and delicious junk foods (oh goodbye McDonalds *sad*). I should eat more nutritious food, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle habit. Oh, this is really hard to conquer.

Let's see how steadfast I am with this commitment.  From now on, I will be updating on how far I've gone through with the challenge. Exciting!

Yes, I'm the apple one.
My ambitious target LOL.

Five days later update. October 5, 2011. 

Healthy food? None. I was bad. Since I didn't have time to cook, we ate whatever was available. We ate loads of Burger King the day after I posted this, sugar-rich milk teas in five days, cheese-laden gratin last night, and lots of delicious fried chickens at our fave take-out place. Then last weekend, I barely ate due to my hectic schedule with my experiments. Guess I will never succeed with this one.

Exercise? Yes, I had few ones. I played ping pong with my friends for two nights and walked in the campus with them for one hour. I so loved it. Wish I could maintain such habit. But that's just it. The most exercise I got was by walking 3 flights of staircases in my department.

Healthy lifestyle? None. Just a day after I posted this challenge, I slept late at 1 am working on my report. The worst happened yesterday. I got sick. I suddenly got a stiff neck in the middle of driving a scooter from my school to our house. Suddenly, I can't move my neck and my back hurt so bad. That was so scary. Then I realized I deserved such beating after I abused myself. I overworked for straight two days in my laboratory just  working on my bacteria, meaning, motionless except for my hands. Plus I had only two hours of sleep per day and can't even eat my meals properly. Such was a bad, very unhealthy and very dangerous lifestyle. I know. Now I learned my lesson the hard way. Better healthy than sorry.

I'm afraid I might not work this challenge out. This is so sad.

But wait, I don't wonna give up. Not yet. I still wonna be healthy and lean and fab. I'll still try to work this out. That is until I fully recovered from my still painful stiff neck.

November 8, 2011. 

Oh my, it's been a month since the last time I updated this page. Not much positive to update though and I felt so guilty. I never came to reach my desired goal.

At the moment, I didn't lose weight nor maintained a good lifestyle.Never got to do any exercise. I'm always exhausted with my studies, laboratory works, and other pressures. I never got time to take even a short walk. I'm always on the verge of falling to depression. I always slept late, the earliest 12 midnight and the latest at 3AM, almost everyday. I know this is bad, really bad. The worst part was, my daughter tend to do the same too. This has got to stop.  

December 11, 2011.

Somebody please beat me! I'm the worst. I don't even have time to check my weight. But I guess I'm gaining. Blamed it to my lack of exercise. I'm so Taiwanese, always riding my scooter even to a 10-min walk. I'm the laziest. I also blamed it to all the stress that's been bombarding me~ the more I got pressured, the more I crave for sweets (really milk teas, fruit shakes) and salty food (french fries, McDonalds). Plus winter is now here. So freakishness cold and humid! Nobody in his right mind could go jogging in this kind of windy freezing weather. Yah right, excuses hahaha!!! 

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  1. I face the same challenges as a tall mom of 5'10". I can sometimes hide my challenge spots but need to focus on my health too. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

    hopping back over from Hobbies on a Budget and Real Life Deals


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