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Friday, August 26, 2011

The ABC Me

Being a newbie in the blogosphere, VoiceBox is one of the few communities that welcomed me warmly and I instantly felt at home. When I got invited to this event to write an ABC list about myself, I decided to take the challenge. I think it’s really fun to share about ourselves in a chic way. Here goes my ABC, hope I will not bore you…

A – Aronne Tanya. She’s my delightful five year old little rascal who’s always been so sweet especially if she knows she did something wrong. She then comes kissing and embracing me all over and whispering “I love you Mom”, which often raises my subtle suspicion.

B – Blogging. I just found a new way to release my stress and keep my sanity.

C – Cats. I love to volunteer with Taichung PAWS, an organization dedicated to reduce the sufferings of animals in Taiwan. They trap, neuter and release stray cats, a humane way to reduce its population.

D – Dancing queen. I always love to dance especially ballroom and belly dancing. I’m not a good dancer but I’m taking it as a fun way to exercise.

E – Extrovert. I always thought I was an extrovert until I realized I easily got tired hanging out in big crowds.  I recently took this personality test (Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach) and results showed that I am a moderately expressed extrovert, with slightly expressed sensing personality, distinctively expressed feeling personality, and slightly expressed perceiving personality. Hmmm sounds interesting.

F – Franje. I love my married surname.

G – Grades. I’m obsessed with good grades lol. A bad grade freaks me out, which happens always by the way lol.

H – Hyperactive. I was once a hyperactive kid so I could relate with my own hyperactive kids.

I – Ice cream (favorites are chocolate-mint and rocky road) is on the top list of my guilty pleasures.

J – Joey. My sweet and smarty 9-year old eldest daughter grew so fast, almost as tall as I am and we now have the same shoe size, omg! It seems only yesterday when she was our little bundle of joy, teaching her how to walk and talk. Now she's our giant baby, runs faster (always winning first place in track and field competitions at her school) and knows Mandarin better than I do. Indeed time ran so fast.

K – Karaoke. My family just loves to be a Beyonce for once or even an Abba. A party is not a party without a karaoke fun lolz.

L – Laugh. I love to crack jokes and laugh at funny jokes but I don’t love the way I laugh. Too loud, I can't help it!

M – Mango, the best tropical fruit ever. I so love it. Yum yummy!

N – Neil Johann, my husband. He loves his status of being the alpha in the family lol, surrounded by his submissive beautiful girls. He loves to be the king of his jungle so I just play along (sometimes).

O – Olive oil. I use it not only for salads but for my home made beauty skin regimens.

P – Parents-in-law. They are the best. When I became a baby mama ten years ago, they did all the major jobs for us for our wedding (bookings from flower shops to hotels, etc.), became my personal research consultants for my thesis, and took care of all our domestic problems (hiring house helps, etc.). They tried their best to make our lives comfortable in spite of the disappointment we caused them. Indeed I am so lucky or shall I say blessed.

Q – Queen. I’m always been a drama queen. Please bear with me.

R – Rain. When I was a kid living in a countryside, I always love when it rains. My parents would sometimes let us play outside in the rain with my siblings. But now living in the city with acid rain problems, playing in the rain is a big no-no for my kids. Too bad!

S – Siblings. I’ve got four of them: three pretty and loving sisters and a shy handsome brother, and I’m the eldest by the way. J

T – Taiwan. I’ve been living in Taiwan for four years now for my graduate studies.
U – University. I taught in a university for two years (College of Veterinary Medicine).

V – Veterinarian. I am a veterinarian by profession but fancies to be a SAHM.

W – Weight. I was so happy I lost 4 kgs in 3 months.

X – X-men. I always love X-men movies and even the TV cartoons in the early 90’s. Storm has been my all time favorite.

Y – Younger days. I enjoyed my younger days. I enjoyed the perks of being active in our student body council, student publications and government youth councils. I guess I was better with my time management skills back then.

Z- Zombies. I’m always been a zombie movie junkie. I just love the creeps it gave me considering that it’s not real. I don’t like the other horror movies about axe-wielding murderers though. I’ve been waiting for the second season of TV series “The Walking Dead”. The show really scares the hell out of me. I give it five stars.

Thank you for reading my list till the end. Can't wait to read your ABCs too. :)


  1. Very interesting ABCs. Glad to know more about other mommy bloggers in VB.

    ABCs of Liya

  2. Loved your list. Karaoke is a blast. I am a terrible singer but when my husband and I were dating we used to meet a group of friends every Thursday night for Karaoke. Those are some fun memories! Thanks for sharing your list. This has been a fun event!

  3. Your list definitely wasn't had everything from Beyonce to zombies :-)

    I enjoyed your list and your blog!

    visiting from VB

  4. I love zombie movies, too! Your list is awesome :)


  5. Loved your list. The whole time I was growin up, I wanted to be a vet, but at that time (years & years & years ago), there weren't very many female vets & I was discouraged from following my dream :( But now I'm in school to be a special ed teacher, so I guess God had other plans for me :)

  6. I love the submissive part! i can almost see it ;)

    I sing in the car like I am on stage!

    Over from vB ABCs of Me newest follower in the States!

  7. This is very interesting. I am happy to become a Follower of your Blog. I learnt about it from the Weekend Blog Hop.
    Judy from Jamaica

  8. What an interesting life you have! I loved reading your ABCs. Ice cream would have made mine too! Haha!

    I'm joining Becky Jane in thanking you for hopping onto voiceBok's Christian Mom's Blog Hop! I'm following you back. =) Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm so glad that you joined voiceBoks. It's a great place to network and make wonderful blogger friends. Love your list. The best part of karaoke is that you really don't have to know the songs, so I fit right in :)
    Love reading your blog so I'm awarding you the Versatile Award.
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  10. Good to find another Expat Woman in Voice Boks.Your ABC's are good. Makes one get to know you better. I'm still working on my own ABCs. Thanks for stopping by, following you.

  11. I just recently joined Voice Boks too and it is such an amazingly supportive group!

  12. Awesome ABC's!! Thanks for sharing =)

    returning the love from VB &

  13. I love your list!! It's just great!! What an intresting life you have lived!! I love the picture of your girls, my daugther is 9 as well, and wears the same shoe size, Yikes!! So glad you joined VoiceBoks and look foward to getting to know you better through your wonderful site!!!

    My dishwasher's possessed!

  14. What a fun list! I guess I need to make one too.

  15. Welcome to voiceBoks! nice to meet you and to know a little about you. thanks for visiting my blog. I also love singing and the karaoke thing. jamming tayo? haha!

  16. Love your list!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  17. Thank you guys for such wonderful responses! You made my day!

    @Barbara: I'm so honored and humbled to accept your Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much :)

  18. I and Q are my faves of yours. This is such a great way to get to know people better. Enjoyed reading this.

  19. good job on the list! I love mango too and been craving for a real philippine mango ugh!

    visiting from voiceboks and I'm glad to know a little more about you. Looking forward to reading more of you!

    Spanish Pinay

  20. Wow! Loved getting to know you and enjoy the fact that you are using your blog as a means to express yourself. Visiting from VB!

  21. found your blog on voiceboks! What a fun blog! :) I'm your newest follower :)



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