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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My girl is now socializing

Aron excited at first day of school
My little 5 year old daughter Aron is kind of shy but kind of aggressive if provoked. That’s why I’m kind of afraid she won’t make any friends at school.

One time while shopping for dresses, I saw this little Taiwanese girl making faces to my daughter. I was kind of worried why such a cute girl would quarrel my sweet baby. However, I was mortified when I saw my baby doing exactly the same angry face to her. I can’t believe it.  I asked my daughter to stop and never to do it again because it’s bad. She should be making friends and not enemies.

At the day of her orientation, she made once again an enemy out of her colleague. My daughter was moving the chair beside this little pretty Taiwanese girl but the latter didn’t want it and stopped the chair’s movement. My daughter was mad and the little girl too was mad and both of them were exchanging angry faces at each other. When I found out what happened, I asked my daughter to stop it, to behave and be a good girl. She did behave while sitting at my lap but  still was not in the good mood. I asked her if that little girl can be her friend, and she exclaimed "no, she can’t be!" Again, shaking my head I wondered if my daughter could ever make a friend.

After two hours of leaving our kids to their teachers while the parents proceeded for our own orientation, I can’t wait to see my baby on how she fared with her very first day of class. While on my way to their room, I caught sight of her coming from the rest room, holding hands with another cute female classmate while walking towards their seats. I can’t believe it. I was beyond ecstatic. When she saw me by the window, she turned to run on my direction but this sweet classmate of hers ran after her and together they went back to their chairs, holding each other’s hands. That was the sweetest thing I ever saw! My baby after all was able to socialize and can make friends. I'm never been so proud of her.

As for the enemy she made that morning, thank goodness she belonged to another section. Otherwise, it might  be a disastrous way to start the kindergarten school year fun. 


  1. Your blog is soo cute! I just love it!!

  2. glad she made a friend...let's hope she doesn't make any more enemies!

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    Thanks and keep in touch!

  4. I'm glad she made a friend! My son also just started kindergarten and I was very happy when he made his first friend too. I'm a new follower from MBC.

  5. Your daughter is precious! I'm glad she's having luck making friends! I'm sure it's the first of many for her!

    I'm following back from the Not So Moody Monday blog hop!

  6. Our children have a way of growing up, don't they. It's a joy to see them make friends and also validates our parenting.


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