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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Missing my baby Aron

This is a repost from my old blog (Jan 2011):

Just thinking about Aron coming over to live with us gives me immense happiness.
I wanna go home and bring her over. I’ve been living in Taiwan for almost four years now therefore been missing my daughter on these long years. My husband was able to join me two years ago thus leaving our kids behind with their grandparents. My thirst for Joey (elder daughter) was quenched when we brought her here last year to live with us. But Aron, my younger daughter was left behind for 3 years now.
I remembered being separated from her when she was still a fragile 7 months old due to my job status, and reunited 3 months later, and then separated once again when she was still 1 year and 3 months old until now at 4 years old. I felt so bad not being there for her. I felt terrible not able to  feed her in my own arms, take her to bath, witness her first step and first run. I felt awful never been there to hold her in her sleep, ease her pains when she doesn’t feel well, and simply being there for her when she needs her mother. For years I’ve been longing to hold her and feel her tight embrace, hear her sweet voice, her soft laughter, her loud cries, her gentle snoring at night, and even her annoying tantrums.
But now I’m going home to take her. My ultimate dream of living together as a whole family will be realized. My wish of cradling Aron with my own bare hands is no longer beyond reach. Just thinking about these possibilities is blissful enough.
Aron at 1 year old


  1. She is Gorgeous! They grow up so fast, so cherish every moment!

  2. Thank you Brigitte! Indeed, they grow so fast and I don't wanna miss anymore of their childhood days! :)


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