Mommy Growing up: September 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pink Uniform

I just saw, a school uniform can be this fun - and I mean pink
My daughter's school uniform is all pink. Check this out.

Havin' fun with her new-found best friend in her pink school uniform.

My all-pink daughter 
(at her first day of 2nd grade last year).

Pink now at her 3rd grade (right).  

Overall, this year is kind of exciting for her. New class adviser, new classmates, new seat mates, new best friends. She's getting better in all her subjects. In fact, she's doing well with her exams (I'm buying all her 100s though, now I'm broke lol). She's doing her homework by herself (sorry, her poor mom can't even read Chinese), with the highly appreciated occasional help from her Taiwanese volunteer mom and few Taiwanese friends. Indeed, I can never be prouder of my little pink girl!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Endangered Panda

Kungfu Panda has been our all-time favorite cartoon movie. In the height of its popularity, a good friend gave us these cute stuffed Panda Bears garbed in cute Chinese outfits.

the cuddly stuffed Chinese white Panda bears :)
On the other hand, my kids can't wait to see a real and live Panda. Hence, at Taipei Zoo, they feasted their eyes on these precious and adorable looking Giant Pandas.

A lazy panda bear is resting up in  her tree house.
oblivious of the people around adoring her...
My kids were amazed of its rare beauty!
My kids wanted to touch or feed them but they're too precious to be disturbed :)
this cute thing looked  funny as it lazily slept on its stomach :)

A giant panda (literally means "black and white cat-foot") is a bear native only to China.  China uses giant pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries, better known as Panda Diplomacy. These two giant panda bears (I understand they're now both 7 years old) were given by Mainland China to Taiwan last 2008. They were named Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan.  Its diet is 99% bamboo. Sadly, Giant Pandas are now considered as endangered species.

My equally endangered  friends. Well, almost extinct after they got busy (lol). My daughter with her cool uncles: the stuffed panda donor (left) aka Obama's long-lost twin and my other good friend  (right) aka the irresistible Jamie Foxx or wait, was it Will Smith lol.

This is my entry for

My Little Angels in America Toy Story 


Wordless Wednesday: Hippo

My kids laughed out loud when this shameless Hippo pooed out loud in front of us! Hilarious!  Awesomely loud "PPRRRRTTT"! gross yet funny lol!!!

My kids are crazy about Gloria, the popular hippo from Madagascar! photo source

HELP! I'm eaten by a Hippo!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink Fairy

For our Halloween party last year, I improvised a pink fairy costume for my daughter. She wanted so much to be a fairy, so I made her one. A frugal mom as I am, I didn't spend a dime for her costume (well, only 0.99$). Here's how she looked like:

 For her simple pink fairy wings, I made it out of recycled wire coat hangers and dressed it with her old pink sheer stockings. Then I sprinkled it with pink glitters and attached a golden colored ribbon for her back. I just made this few hours before the party. Here's what the simple pink fairy wing looked like:

For her dress, she wore her pink ballet leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. For her pink skirt, a good friend gave her this for her birthday, so she finally got the opportunity to wear this lovely fuschia pink belly dancing skirt. For her tiara, good thing she still had some left from her 8th birthday party, so we didn't have to buy one.

hail the pink fairy!
with her improvised fairy costume!
and she totally enjoyed her cute and simple pink attire!

 Indeed, everybody had a blast that fun night especially our little pink fairy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cable Car

Riding a cable car atop the vast beauty of Taipei.
It's Aron's first time to ride one. The height seemed to overwhelm her at first.

But then Mommy was here to console her that all will be fine and fun!
Joey and Dad enjoyed the fun ride! Not first-timers though :)

Aron loved the ride and everybody enjoyed the scenery that Taipei can offer.

White Penguins

Last weekend, we brought our kids to Taipei Zoo to see the penguins. They're so excited to see one, thanks to the naughty penguins from the Madagascar, or the charming dancing penguins from Happy Feet or the cuddly ones from Mr. Popper's Penguins.  It's their first time to see a live and a real penguin. 

Joey enjoyed imitating these cute white-bellied penguin sculptures just outside the penguin house.
Going in at the cool Snow-WHITE penguin house.

We were so lucky to witness these two penguins lovingly played with each other. They looked so sweet walking together in small funny steps while sweetly pecking each other. Seems like the male was courting the female.  I took a video of these cute cuddly creatures too for my kids to devour.

A sweet couple of white-bellied King penguins. They are so cute at about 90 cm tall, the second tallest penguin in the world after the Emperor penguins (122 cm). 
Adorable White-bellied King penguins slowly walking together and lost in their own world.
Our kids can't get enough of such lovable penguins!
Aron enjoyed watching the cute African penguins (thanks Daddy  for the awesome ride yay!).  These penguins are so small at only about 60 cm tall and their black faces have broad white bands.  Note: my hubby's new hairstyle still freaked me out lol!
 Joey was then reviewing the different species of penguins.

Overall, we had an awesome day at the zoo. My kids saw all types of animals that otherwise they can only see on movies.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Can't wait to read your posts too. xoxo :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carry our own cross

photo from google
Yesterday’s homily was really good and hit me right through. It was about carrying our own cross (problems, sacrifices, etc.) in our lives. Oftentimes, we complain to God about the crosses we've been bearing. Little did we know that this cross has been preparing us for the path in the road that only God can see and we cannot.

God wants us to carry our cross with gladness. Jesus too willingly carried His cross and gave His life for us. 

Thus, I should fully trust God for He knows what’s best for my life. 

God loves us so much and will never abandon us.

Lord, whatever our cross,
Whatever our pain, we believe that
There will always be sunshine, after the rain…
Perhaps we may stumble, perhaps even fall;
But Lord you are always there ready, to answer our call…
You know every heartache, see every tear,
A word from Your lips, can calm every fear…
Our sorrows may linger, throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish, by dawn’s early light…
You are always with us
To give us Your grace, and embrace us with Your love.
Lord may you always fill us with Your blessings and love!
                                                             (source: a prayer kindly shared to us by Fr. Leo)

It's great to be grateful all the time. With or without our crosses. God is worthy to praised. 

Have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink birthday

Oh pink. I never thought I would love pink until I got two pink-lover daughters of my own. I remember I'm not so crazy about pink when I was a child. I preferred all the bright rainbow colors more. Past forward to motherhood stage, pink is now becoming one of my favorites. Thanks to my girls who always screamed for anything pink.

Pink was all around my daughter when she celebrated her 8th birthday. It was her first time to celebrate with her parents for a long time. It was her first time to celebrate away from her cousins, playmates and grandparents. Hence, I exerted a bit of effort to make her day an extra special one. With all our friends gathered together, we surprised her with a birthday party! Then I showered her party with pinks. Our friends played funny kids for her that night too. Yah they're the best I know! 

Here's what transpired that fun night:

Pinky stuff scattered on the table.
Some of the pinky gifts.
Our simple birthday surprise for her!
the crowning of our surprised princess!
Most of her gifts were pink. If they only have pink sponge bob lol.
Our pinky birthday princess!
All her guests were adults, it's fine with her lol.
She's very happy and indeed surprised!!
Her dad played along with the fun!
our funny friends!
Yes they were kids!
and more kids!
and more!
Some friends kissed her with cake icings!

Our birthday princess with her guests.
Indeed, such was a fun-filled night, and my baby was truly surprised and happy (by the way, she just love surprises). And it wouldn't be that fun without the support of our friends. Have a great weekend to ya all!!! :)

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