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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink birthday

Oh pink. I never thought I would love pink until I got two pink-lover daughters of my own. I remember I'm not so crazy about pink when I was a child. I preferred all the bright rainbow colors more. Past forward to motherhood stage, pink is now becoming one of my favorites. Thanks to my girls who always screamed for anything pink.

Pink was all around my daughter when she celebrated her 8th birthday. It was her first time to celebrate with her parents for a long time. It was her first time to celebrate away from her cousins, playmates and grandparents. Hence, I exerted a bit of effort to make her day an extra special one. With all our friends gathered together, we surprised her with a birthday party! Then I showered her party with pinks. Our friends played funny kids for her that night too. Yah they're the best I know! 

Here's what transpired that fun night:

Pinky stuff scattered on the table.
Some of the pinky gifts.
Our simple birthday surprise for her!
the crowning of our surprised princess!
Most of her gifts were pink. If they only have pink sponge bob lol.
Our pinky birthday princess!
All her guests were adults, it's fine with her lol.
She's very happy and indeed surprised!!
Her dad played along with the fun!
our funny friends!
Yes they were kids!
and more kids!
and more!
Some friends kissed her with cake icings!

Our birthday princess with her guests.
Indeed, such was a fun-filled night, and my baby was truly surprised and happy (by the way, she just love surprises). And it wouldn't be that fun without the support of our friends. Have a great weekend to ya all!!! :)


  1. she sure had great party and all the adult guest made it more special and fun Visiting from Pink Friday

  2. Ahhh... lotsa pinks! That was a blast I can tell! :) Great and fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Doing my PF rounds. I welcome visits to my entries as well. If you already did, thank you so much! :)
    Shai's Pianica
    DSi Starter Kit
    Aero Sweater
    Pink Blooms
    @ Eagle Cave
    Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! :)

  3. How wonderful!!! I wasn't a fan of pink until my I got my first daughter either, lol!!

  4. awww she is so special surrounded with love, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me back

  5. Great shots! My twins love pink as well. We just had a great big pink princess party for them on Saturday :)

  6. She looks like she had a blast in her party. She's a happy princess! :) I like her tiara. Btw, I'm your newest follower. Visiting you from Pink Fridays. My entry is at Hearts content of a mama. Only 4 days left for my blog anniv giveaway, hope you could join.


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