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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink Fairy

For our Halloween party last year, I improvised a pink fairy costume for my daughter. She wanted so much to be a fairy, so I made her one. A frugal mom as I am, I didn't spend a dime for her costume (well, only 0.99$). Here's how she looked like:

 For her simple pink fairy wings, I made it out of recycled wire coat hangers and dressed it with her old pink sheer stockings. Then I sprinkled it with pink glitters and attached a golden colored ribbon for her back. I just made this few hours before the party. Here's what the simple pink fairy wing looked like:

For her dress, she wore her pink ballet leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. For her pink skirt, a good friend gave her this for her birthday, so she finally got the opportunity to wear this lovely fuschia pink belly dancing skirt. For her tiara, good thing she still had some left from her 8th birthday party, so we didn't have to buy one.

hail the pink fairy!
with her improvised fairy costume!
and she totally enjoyed her cute and simple pink attire!

 Indeed, everybody had a blast that fun night especially our little pink fairy!


  1. You did great on that Fairy costume! I would not be that creative -- good thing I don't have kids to make up costumes for! The wings are awesome!

  2. Hi Mommy :) Visiting by from Pink Fridays :)

  3. What a great costume!! I love whenever I can put something together, although, you are much more creative than I! Love the wings. What are you doing for this year? Can't wait to see! Thanks for a fun post!

  4. ay ang cutie!!! hahhaha nice improvised costume!!!

  5. awww what a pretty fairy, returning the love Sis from PF. Thank you for the visit in my blog
    too :-)

  6. A very pretty pink fairy. Hugs and VB ♥

  7. I just love that you were able to make your child's costume. Means so much more, and I remember well my own mom making mine, or our making them together. It was a big deal and offered up a lot more anticipation, than today, when I have to buy my boys' costumes, at Target -- even then at $25 each I spent $50, which killed me. I actually suggested we try making them, but they crinkled their noses. To be honest, I'd probably do better with a girl's costume than with a boys-- Ninjas are hard to make.

  8. I love seeing all the handmade costumes! This year we are going as the Very Hungry Caterpillar and I'm planning on making butterfly wings with wire hangers like you did! Your daughter is beautiful and looked precious in her costume. Good work Momma!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  9. prettiest costume ever truly made from the heart..
    dropping for PF

  10. hmm so cutteeee.... visitin from PF. thanks for visiting Gracia Fashionista.

  11. Whats up with that guy wearing black in the background? He's cute though..


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