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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making up: Pomelo

As forgetful as I was, I left my little girl's school bag in our college library last Friday. When we realized the bag was not with us, it was too late. The library closed for the weekend and for the holiday Monday for Chinese Moon Festival. Hence, we don't know that she's supposed to bring a hat made out of pomelo rind the next Tuesday morning.

When I finally brought in my little girl's bag to her kindergarten school after my 8 am class that Tuesday morning, I was surprised to see almost all of her classmates got cute pomelo hats. My poor baby must have wondered where her hat was. I felt so terrible. Everybody danced and paraded with their funny hats on and got their photos taken. I had no idea. The Chinese tradition of wearing pomelo hats for kids never crossed my mind.

Then a thought hit me. I will definitely make it up to my baby. I will make a special pomelo hat for her. She will have her own pomelo hat. 

Back in our lab, my labmate coincidentally gave us the pomelos left from the Moon fest. Oh yeah, awesome! After dinner, my hubby and I made a cute pomelo hat for my baby. It only took us about 5 minutes to make one. Here's what we did:

Hail the Pomelo!
Opened it up in one minute.
A flower bud on the making lol
My baby looks so cute on this funny hat while holding the fruit :)
Now the hat was modified with a "hair bangs" lol.
Doesn't she look so cute and funny!
The final hat beauty!
My baby was indeed having fun and happy about the pomelo rind hat!

The big sister joined the fun too!

From Chinese culture, I just learned that wearing a pomelo rind hat helps the moon lady see the children better and hence answer their prayers. Interesting. And by the way, a pomelo or Chinese grapefruit is so delicious, juicy and rich in Vitamin C. Indeed, the fruit is both yummy and fun!

Do you like our Pomelo hat too?


  1. I love the hats and the story behind them! My 2 year old loves "Ni-Hao Kai-Lan" and I've actually seen an episode about the moon festival and they were wearing these hats! It's funny how you can learn so much about another culture from a kids show. :)

  2. What a cute hat! I've never tried a pomelo before, but like grapefruit (especially pink grapefruit), so will have to look out for them next time I'm at the markets.
    Thanks for sharing your story,
    Kristina :)

  3. I'm of filipino blood (one of many others lol) and the pomelo hat is too funny! It also brings memories of me and my Lula (grandma)during childhood. Aww....those were the days ^_^ Thanks for brightening my day! Glad to have found you on voiceboks!

  4. And to think I thought that was a pear! I remember reading a story with my son about the moon lady and the Chinese lanterns. Love the hays and great pics. The girls look like they really enjoyed themselves.

  5. wow!too many ways how to make a pomelo hat, next time I'll buy pomelo,I'll try to make hats too. hehehe!,that was fun!

  6. wow!! so cute! i love the one with the bangs, too! haha. very creative mom.. good job!

  7. Wow you are very creative. I really like that. Thanks for stopping by my blog i really appreciate. Have a great day.

  8. I LOVE it! So fun for all of you--and what a great lesson on other cultures! I'm eager to foolow suit...if only I could FIND a pomelo! :o) I found you on the Thoughtful Thursday blog hop--hope to see you follow back!


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