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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Endangered Panda

Kungfu Panda has been our all-time favorite cartoon movie. In the height of its popularity, a good friend gave us these cute stuffed Panda Bears garbed in cute Chinese outfits.

the cuddly stuffed Chinese white Panda bears :)
On the other hand, my kids can't wait to see a real and live Panda. Hence, at Taipei Zoo, they feasted their eyes on these precious and adorable looking Giant Pandas.

A lazy panda bear is resting up in  her tree house.
oblivious of the people around adoring her...
My kids were amazed of its rare beauty!
My kids wanted to touch or feed them but they're too precious to be disturbed :)
this cute thing looked  funny as it lazily slept on its stomach :)

A giant panda (literally means "black and white cat-foot") is a bear native only to China.  China uses giant pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries, better known as Panda Diplomacy. These two giant panda bears (I understand they're now both 7 years old) were given by Mainland China to Taiwan last 2008. They were named Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan.  Its diet is 99% bamboo. Sadly, Giant Pandas are now considered as endangered species.

My equally endangered  friends. Well, almost extinct after they got busy (lol). My daughter with her cool uncles: the stuffed panda donor (left) aka Obama's long-lost twin and my other good friend  (right) aka the irresistible Jamie Foxx or wait, was it Will Smith lol.

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  1. wow! i have never seen a real panda! i heard there's one in North Thailand, hope to visit their zoo when we go there next month.

    Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites! Visiting as a host and as a participant from:

  2. aw... their really cute and cuddly even if they're big!
    visiting back for WW! :)

  3. so cute. Did you see the new panda babies from the panda breeding center in China? they have shown pictures of its new crop of cute babies.

    The panda breeding center in China's Sichuan province, started with just six pandas in 1987 and now has more than 100. They look after
    red pandas and other endangered animals as well.
    Hugs and have a happy weekend!!

  4. I love pandas, especially the movie Kung Fu Panda. I wish I could really go up to one and just hug them...they look so cuddly!

  5. awwww, those pandas are really cute :) it's really sad that they are now endangered species. hopefully, we can preserve them because it's such a shame if the only time the future generations will see a panda is in movies or pictures.

    thanks for visiting me thru WW :)

    see you around !

  6. we love kung fu panda too and my daughter loves panda, kapag makakita sya ng panda, she always call it kung fu panda, hehehe! :) i hope we can see a real one someday! thanks and have a great week. :) visiting late from last week's WW, hope to see you around.


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