Mommy Growing up: White Penguins

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

White Penguins

Last weekend, we brought our kids to Taipei Zoo to see the penguins. They're so excited to see one, thanks to the naughty penguins from the Madagascar, or the charming dancing penguins from Happy Feet or the cuddly ones from Mr. Popper's Penguins.  It's their first time to see a live and a real penguin. 

Joey enjoyed imitating these cute white-bellied penguin sculptures just outside the penguin house.
Going in at the cool Snow-WHITE penguin house.

We were so lucky to witness these two penguins lovingly played with each other. They looked so sweet walking together in small funny steps while sweetly pecking each other. Seems like the male was courting the female.  I took a video of these cute cuddly creatures too for my kids to devour.

A sweet couple of white-bellied King penguins. They are so cute at about 90 cm tall, the second tallest penguin in the world after the Emperor penguins (122 cm). 
Adorable White-bellied King penguins slowly walking together and lost in their own world.
Our kids can't get enough of such lovable penguins!
Aron enjoyed watching the cute African penguins (thanks Daddy  for the awesome ride yay!).  These penguins are so small at only about 60 cm tall and their black faces have broad white bands.  Note: my hubby's new hairstyle still freaked me out lol!
 Joey was then reviewing the different species of penguins.

Overall, we had an awesome day at the zoo. My kids saw all types of animals that otherwise they can only see on movies.

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  1. wow, that's an informative trip :) dropping by for WW.. :) see you back @

  2. I'm sure all of you enjoyed the trip.. cool!

    Visiting from WW here are my whites…Under The Umbrellas, Just Landed and Booster Seat

  3. Great shots! I have a few pics too of us checking out these cute creations at Milwaukee Zoo. And just like your kids, my daughter had a blast, too! :)

    This is a late visit for WW. If you haven't yet, you might want to check out my white shares, too!
    Check Sneakers
    Shasta Daisy
    Gibbous Moon
    Withering Hosta
    Xoxo Bargain
    If you have, a big thanks and see you next time! :)

  4. Thanks Vernz, January and Renz for dropping by! Indeed, we had a blast! Who can resist these cute lovely creatures! Just can't get enough of them too :)

  5. wow! the third and fourth photos are like paintings! the kids would love to play with real penguins! what a nice place to have a family time at. thanks for joining again, Kat! it's always a pleasure to have you!

    Visiting as a host and as a participant from

  6. wow! how nice!!i wish i could see one in personal too!!sooonnnn!hahaha


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