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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's fight breast cancer

My Aunt D.
A favorite Aunt lost her battle against breast cancer. It's been ten years now but the pain of losing her still linger. She was terribly missed.

She's my mom's cousin but she was more of a second mother to me. Guiding me through school, giving me extra allowances, bringing me and my siblings to travels, buying us gifts, training us to become good businesswomen, and making our lives a bit colorful and special one. She was my beautiful, soft-spoken, sweet, hard working and big-hearted Aunt. Indeed, a favorite one. I was so blessed to have known her and to have her by our sides all those growing up years.

Diagnosed with a breast cancer, she fought the disease, real hard. She was one of the bravest. In spite of all the chemotherapy sessions, surgeries and courage to fight this deadly disease, she finally succumbed. It was so painful for all of us who fought with her and for all of us who loved her so much.

Cancer needs to be beaten.

To help a woman in need in getting a free mammogram, please join and click here. Every click helps give free mammograms and save lives. October is a breast cancer awareness month and everybody deserves to be educated about this disease. Pink  represents breast cancer awareness and support for its cause.

Our thoughts, prayers and encouragements for all of those who are fighting breast cancer. We are fighting with you. Together, let us beat this disease.

My siblings and I on our solidarity with the cause. 


  1. Great post Katya Kate. I am sorry to hear that you lost an aunt to breast cancer. I know several persons who have suffered and died from this disease. I pray that a cure for this disease and all cancers will be found in the near future. I visited the site and clicked. Take care.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Katya Kate. My aunt, my mothers only sister was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with stage 4. The idea of life without her is just too sad. Thank you for a wonderful post for a wonderful cause. I too visited and clicked. Thanks again.

  3. I too lost an aunt to cancer. It is the most painful thing to watch when a love one is suffering, but all we can do is hope and pray for a better tomorrow...

  4. sorry for the loss. She's a great aunt to you

    Visiting you from Pink Friday!

  5. sorry for the loss.. ang gaganda nyo. Visiting from PF. See yah!

  6. sorry for your loss. any fight for cancer is always a good cause :)

    visiting you from PF. hope you can visit me back at BESPECTACLED ME

    thanks, and see you around!

  7. let's support one another!
    visiting from PF, here's mine

  8. Go for Pink:)

    Visiting from PF! Hope you can visit if you have not done yet:)

  9. sorry about your Aunt's loss :-( great cause too, praying that one day a cure for breast cancer is here. My sister is a breast cancer survivor for three years now :-) visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  10. The big C touches all in one way r another. Yes we need to beat it, stomp on it and kick it to the curb!Sending hugs your way and wishes for a beautiful day ahead xo

  11. We also lost a dear aunt due to breast cancer and I enjoin your noble cause to inform sis.

    Visiting from Pink Fridays

  12. This is a beautiful post! and great tribute to your Aunt. I clicked and clicked some more!! And it's really cool to see you and your family all in pink for the cause. Sorry for your loss, but I know your Aunt did not die in vain. I believe God worked out a special purpose for her in her lifetime and is reflected in you and the others that she touched. God bless, and thnx for the visit!


  13. Thank you for joining Pink Fridays # 93. Hope to see you again this Friday! By the way, followed you as "Pink Thoughts" at your GFC widget. Hope you can follow me back at Thanks!!!

  14. sorry for the loss...

    there's always a reason for everything, and maybe that is so that you can help other people by promoting awareness, thank you for sharing your story...

    visiting for PF#93...followed you as Icar on GFC!

  15. oh dear, i'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. very heartfelt post you got here. My PF entry @ Jolly toes.

  16. Thanks guys for stopping by, for your very nice and inspiring comments and for your support to fight breast cancer! You totally made my day! Have a great day to yah all!


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