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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our pet Fluffy

My daughter was demanding for a pet, and she wanted a golden hamster. Since the hamsters promised to us by my colleague were still few days old and will not be available til a month later, we were given another option. If we really love to have a pet, then we can adopt either a bird or a rabbit. My daughter chose to adopt a rabbit. The following day, we saw this white bunny and at once we felt in love with him. We adopted him and called him Fluffy.

Meet the super adorable white-coated Fluffy!
My housemate felt in love with him too.  
And I just can't get enough of Fluffy! He is so fluffy!!!

My daughter Joey then sang a cute Chinese song for Fluffy and for all of us. Hope you like it too!


  1. Such a gorgeous rabbit and he looks so well loved too!

  2. oh what a cute little rabbit!! i love your daughter's voice too! the kids listened to her song and loved it as well. thanks for joining again Kat! sorry for the late visit.. was out for a trip.

  3. @Gemma: Thanks! Oh yes. Fluffy has been a household favorite :)

  4. @Te Raya: Thanks! Glad that you and your kids love my daughter's voice, she will be ecstatic to know this hehe, thanks again :)


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