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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kid Kritics Approved

I was browsing interesting blogs as usual when I walked upon a post featuring Kid Kritics Appoved (KKA). Being a mom of two picky eater kids (ages 5 and 9) somehow glued my attention to very interesting products featured. Products that are healthy and nutritious and at the same time, approved and loved by like 70% of kids their ages. Therefore, it must be delicious too! Isn't that amazing!

KKA with Deb Luster as the President (and a Can-do-Mom of 3 Can-do-Kids) offered a lot of exciting services. They have this site that has KKA recipes for everyday meal that every mom can feast on. Interestingly, they have this site that shows how a product can earn a KKA seal, along with a list of featured brands having KKA seal. I already signed up with their newsletter where we can also avail of their free breakfast recipe ebook. So many more interesting things going on, come and visit KKA website and be a part of the Can Do Kid Family. It is a team of moms reminding kids of all ages to be active, energize their minds and body and know that they can do anything. Isn't that great!

As for me, I just won one of their giveaways, aside from enjoying their cool site.

A lovely I can do anything book for kids
and loads of healthy Can Do Kids nutrition energy bars!
Thank you Michorose for choosing me as the winner. Everybody loved the amazing products!


  1. You've won an Award! You probably received this award before (versatile blogger award) but I couldn't think of anyone else more deserving, plus I really love your blog!

    Find the award at

  2. @Beauty and the Green: Thanks a lot for giving me this award! I'm truly honored! Cheers!!!


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