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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To the farm in White

Yesterday, we went to Changhua County to visit a poultry farm with my professor and classmates. The poultry farm does not actually looked like the usual poultry farm (odorous, noisy, messy, etc.) but is composed of three huge sealed, clean, peaceful, odorless warehouse-like structures. These are tunnel ventilated poultry houses. Meaning, the environment inside are easily controlled and everything is automated. Thus, the chickens are enjoying the right temperature and humidity that kept them from getting sick. Imagine seeing a 30,000 broilers in one house sitting calmly side by side with each other ~ no stress, no fights, no noises, just eating, drinking and sleeping (and blogging lolz). Their energies are well conserved and meant only for producing meats. One poultry house by the way cost around 330,000 usd. Whew!

the poultry houses
 We are all required to wear this white disposable coverall and  boot cover to protect the chickens from any possible contamination.
Hail the Taiwan (breed) broilers at 3 weeks old. To be harvested at about 7 weeks old. 
Notice  how calm the chickens are.
Me with the tunnel ventilated poultry house. Notice the gray walls beside me, these helped to filter the air that goes in, and huge fans inside to suck the dirty air out towards the vent (found at the end).
Fully automated switches to control the temperature and humidity inside. Feeders and waterers are also automated. Therefore less labor is needed.

Overall, we had fun with this educational trip. Wish I could afford to build such business in the future though. Hmmm, dream on hehe.


  1. Wow! It's nice to see a glimpse of a high tech poultry farm! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting for WW. You might want to look at my share if you got a chance:
    OAV Experience
    October Ice


  2. Very interesting, sis. Thanks for sharing this. very high tech indeed!

  3. that place is huge!!! and yes, dream on! why not? thanks for joining again last week Kat.. late visit from WW. Hope to see you again this week!


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