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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fragments

Another blogging fun for Fridays. Posting too short for stand-alone posts yet too important to discard. Come and link up and join the fun with Mrs. 4444's and other fragmenters. This is my 2nd week and I'm getting hooked. Hence, my fragments...

***So surprised the other day. I was so exhausted sleeping very late working on my presentation. I prayed to God hopefully there would be no class the following early morning. Need to finish my ppt. The next day, indeed my prayers were granted. There was no class for 8-10 AM. I confirmed with the department secretary, she confirmed with the prof's office and confirmed me the good news! Pretty amazing, right? Is it just a coincidence or God just love me soo much! Yippee!

***I was watching my favorite TV series "The Walking Dead". Again, I'm quite unsatisfied with the kind of dull and lack of thrilling zombie-nation-attack-action for this week which was a far cry from the heart-stopping action-packed first season. However, this week's finale surprised me with the unexpected creative twist and it sure got me and made me cry. If you're a crazy zombie freak like me or just curious about it, check it out here.

I'm quite sad though they're done with the mid-season finale and will be back on Feb. 12 next year.  Hope they will be back even hair-raisingly better! Can't wait!

***I did my experiments this week. Basically, we want to test if certain antibiotics are effective to chickens. Right now, I'm still in the first phase of the study. So blessed to be assisted by the efficient team of Prof. S graduate students.

***My daughter sprained her ankle while practicing (running) for a school race. We went to a Chinese hospital last night and sure did got her no-not-the-massage nor the acupuncture but another type of interesting sprained muscle treatment method. I don't know how it's called, the doctor doesn't know the English term either. A kind of small metals hooked to a power supply then left it to stimulate the muscle's pressure points for 15 min. My daughter enjoyed it though. A kind of spicy yet soothing herbal patch was bandaged later. I hope this treats her painful ankles in no time.

Her  first time on a traditional Chinese hospital. 

***Reading the news headlines from home is sooo depressing. Corrupt government officials (and they're not even subtle), escalating crime rates, poverty, discriminations, massacres, justice not served for the victims, killings, public transport drivers' recklessness, kidnapping for ransoms, terrorist threats, ahhh and the list never ends. Too much for a morning coffee break! Wishing and praying for peace, that people would stop being so greedy and cruel, start giving love and make our world a better place to live in.

***December is finally here but the spirit of Christmas is nowhere to be found ~ yet. So sad. Amidst the intensely humid freezing wind filled with busy people, I can't help but missing my warm, festive, laid-back and Christmas-junkie home! Been missing spending Christmas with my family for five years now :( . On a lighter note, I and my daughter are going home next month. Woot woot!

***Lastly, while waiting for hubby to be online (who's in another part of the world), can't help to take these snaps to show off my drink~ Taiwan's famous delicious bubble milk tea which he surely misses by now.  My apologies for being a bit narcissistic in here LOL!

Advance Merry Christmas to yah all!
Have a great and awesome weekend!


  1. Wait, did you take the quiz to find out which Walking Dead character you are? Apparently, I'm DALE. Which, I guess makes sense since it said something about what I lack in physical strength I make up for in compassion or something. Wasn't the finale SO good? I was totally bawling at the end.

  2. I'm so sorry that you can't find Christmas... hopefully you can make something festive and celebrate for yourself...

    Hope your daughter's leg feels better!

  3. I hope your daughter mends well. Interesting therapy. Electrical stimulation and a herbal pack.

  4. It's neat your class got cancelled. Why is it that when God answers our prayers we are surprised? Oh, we of little faith!

    Stopping by from FF.

  5. I just discovered your blog via FF at Mrs 4444. I'm going to keep looking around. We adopted my daughter from Taiwan and are in the process to bring home another child as well. I love finding blogs to read that have a Taiwan link!

    The ankle method might be different, but as long as it works!

  6. That was a very interesting treatment. Hope it works well.

  7. My Husband found The Walking Dead on Netflix and was watching it. I wasn't impressed, but he and the kids loved it!

  8. s joey ok na te?

  9. Stopping by to say hi from Friday Fragments!

  10. I, too, hope your daughter is healing well and that she recovers in time for that race!

    Thank goodness you have the technology to stay connected with those you love near and far :)

    So, did the chickens get well? :)


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