Mommy Growing up: Yellow ballerina

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yellow ballerina

Since my daughter joined us in Taiwan, she studied and danced ballet. The last time they had a presentation in their school, she was a rainbow fish. At first she was sad she was not wearing a tutu unlike last year's. But then of course it would be weird for a fish to wear a tutu, she was convinced. While attending to her make-up backstage, I became an instant make up artist for almost all of her classmates too lol. I guess their number is too much to handle by the volunteer moms and an extra hand was very much appreciated. The  ballet dances, the cute and talented kids, the proud parents, the entertained spectators, overall it was a fun night!

Cute rainbow fishes!
The proud mommy, daddy and little sister!
Baloons for our little star!
With the full support of aunts and uncles!


  1. Nice shots for the MemoryBook!

  2. Very nice pics ! She is a beautiful rainbow fish !

  3. unusual without the tutu.

    My students went to see Sleeping beauty.

  4. Thank you for following. I am now following you back via GFC and FB. Wow wish I can visit Taiwan someday. Your pics are lovely.

  5. awww, so cute! ang galing naman :-)

  6. Precious!! Visiting from MYM!!


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