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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The cloth is made out of
pineapple leaf fiber
or piña fabric.
I, along with my daughter and other international students joined the celebration for our university's 92nd founding anniversary and then represented our respective countries. My daughter and Filipino friend wore our local traditional Kaamulan costumes while I wore a Filipiniana dress.

Me and my 9-year old daughter, on her traditional  Bukidnon attire. I made her costume by the way yay! Check it out here  :)
Joined by Cyd from Philippines wearing a Bukidnon dress (left), with Romanian friend (hmm not on her traditional get-up), and  from Honduras on her beautiful red Flamenco (right).
Joined by more friends from Japan and Nepal. 
Africa and USA (and he insisted he's wearing a traditional get-up, hmmm).
More from Asia, Europe, Africa, Central America.
With ladies from India. 
and more (daughter hid herself with our flag..)
 "Praying for Thailand", with Thai and Japanese students.
Overall, we had fun showing off our colorful and unique traditional costumes especially during the parade. Such activity gave us the opportunity to bond with other international students, who on ordinary days are invisible while immersed on their own busy academic worlds. That day, Thailand was in our thoughts and almost everybody donated for the flood-affected country.


  1. These dresses look so beautiful. I hope you had a great time. It's like an International line-up with so many beautiful costumes.

  2. @Barbara: Thanks for dropping by, I really did have a good time that day. You're right, everybody is wearing their own country's clothes and it's so colorful and exciting.

  3. visiting from WW mommy!
    wow! i really love Filipiniana get up..

  4. Looks fun! :)
    If I may ask, in what country do you live now?

    Visiting from WW.
    Voice in My Heart

  5. Looks like you really had a great time! It was fun! It's nice to see some filipiniana costumes again. Visiting from WW.

  6. Thank you Shengkay, I love it too! Wonna wear a Filipiniana gown :)

  7. @MC: I'm here in a neighboring country, Taiwan. Yap it's fun, thanks!

  8. Thank you Krizza. Indeed, it's quite refreshing to see familiar dresses especially our very own. Thanks!

  9. Wow.. these are GORGEOUS!!! I wish I could make a dress like that.. I unfortunately didn't learn anything from my momma, who was a seamstress and made ALL OUR CLOTHES when we were younger, lol!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Katya!

  10. nice dress!!!

    hopping from Wednesday Whites.. hope you can drop by too at my entry here..have a great week ahead!

  11. Ang saya naman... It's good that you and your girl presented the Filipino costumes very well... hehehe

    Here for WW...Hope you can visit my entries...


  12. @Jackie: Thanks and yeah, I have no choice but to craft the costume myself, there's nobody else to count to lol. And oh you're so lucky to have a talented crafty mom! it's not yet too late to learn, right? :)

  13. Thank you Gagay. Hehe thanks for the compliment Rovie, we tried to enhance whatever we have on hand... that was fun!

  14. full of colors, mommy katya kate! with that, you can join a lot of color meme ;)


  15. that's pretty dress you wear. visiting from white wednesday.

  16. WOW. This must have been exciting. I can't believe you made your daughters costume. You all look fantastic!!

    Following you back from

    humanecats at gmail dot com

  17. Filipiniana dress is always the best! You look great:)

    Visiting for WW!! Hope you can visit me too:)

  18. You look lovely in that Filipiniana. your students are taller than you and you look younger than them

  19. awww great Filipiniana outfit Mommy, you look great, nice to see the United Nations flag :-) nice job on your daughter's outfit, what a talent you have. Visiting for WW, hope that you can visit me back too

  20. Thank's for the follow, following you back via GFC!

  21. Nice entry! Gorgeous filipiniana dress! I always love to look at my fellow Filipinos in our own great costume! :)

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
    24,000 LBS-PAPER_PILE
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  22. i love your get up! i miss wearing filipiniana. i can see you are wearing it proudly!! ;) i can't help but notice how tall those guys behind you are! haha!

  23. Hello Mommy!

    I know we just seldom met in the blogosphere but I want you to know that I truly appreciate the visits you paid in Bella's blog.

    As a sign of appreciation, I left you an award in my blog. Hope you can visit and claim it.

    Thanks and Congrats!

  24. Yes KM, these parades of clothes are indeed colorful! Thanks!
    Thanks Seow Wei for the compliment!
    @Humanecats: Thanks, actually I just made the accessories, the blouse is too much for me yet lol. I can't sew. This is a must-learn craft for me too, must be interesting to design and sew our own garment.
    Thank you Lovablecasandra, I'm proud of our heritage too! Filipiniana is just gorgeous!
    Oh, AliehS, you're the sweetest! So I looked younger huh? *happy face** They're my colleagues by the way hehe.

  25. @wifetoalineman02: Thank you thank you! I'm happy to hear I looked great with the attire hehe. Yes, I have no choice but to be crafty for my daughter. Nevertheless, I took it as a challenge and it's quite fun!
    @mixedcatcher: yes, it's very refreshing to see our own clothes worn esp in a foreign land. Simply beautiful! Thanks
    @Raya: Thanks Te, yah, who can't wear such a pretty uniquely Filipino dress proudly, simply irresistible hehe. Oh yes, I looked like a dwarf next to these tall guys hahah!
    Thank you Rovie! This is such an honor! I'm claiming your award! You just made my day!
    Thank you guys for the visits and comments.
    Rest assured, I'm giving back the favor :))

  26. Such beautiful costumes! I love cultural dress


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