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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orange Animals at Taipei Zoo

Yes, orange animals. Okay, some with at least orange hues. Visiting Taipei Zoo with my family two months ago treated us with beautiful animals of different types and different colors from Africa, Australia, Asian tropical rainforests, the deserts, temperate zones, and Taiwan. Taipei Zoo is the largest zoological garden in Asia and covers about 165 hectares of land, with around 90 hectares open to the public. Without further ado, some of the orangey animals my kids adored:

Meet the beautifully striped orange Bongo from Africa. 
Aren't they attractive? 
Meet the Bactrian camel from the steppes of central Asia/deserts of Mongolia and China. Notice the two humps they have on their back, as opposed to the kind found below.  It is now considered as critically endangered species
My baby was so excited to see one.

Meet the dromedary or Arabian camel from  the Middle East or North Africa. Notice that it only has one hump on its back in contrast to the Asian camel  (Bactrian camel) on top.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Meet the cute gemsbuck from Africa.
My daughter wonna ride one lol.
Meet the famous tallest land animal, the giraffe, a native from Africa. My kids adore them.

Meet the Bengal Tiger, a native from Indian subcontinent. It is now considered an endangered species. 
The Orangutan (on top, sorry my camera is bad), a native from the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. It is now an endangered species. This one is quite old and we think he's so lonely back there.
The famous hippopotamus or hippo from sub-Saharan Africa. Their pool was drained this time thus exposing their fatty bellies hehe.
My baby is eaten by a hungry hippo!
Meet the Przewalski's horse, a subspecies of wild horse  native to the steppes of Mongolia and China. It is also considered an endangered species. 

We realized that most of these animals are actually endangered species. If their existence will not be well-taken cared of, who knows if the future generation can still witness such nature's amazing orangey creatures. My kids love all of them and they had so much fun!

Me and my kids inside the zoo surrounded by the green forest.


  1. Oh I love the color of those bongos!

    Shadow at my page, please come and see.

  2. Oh my, these hippos are huge. It seems you had the picture perfect weather , too. Awesome pics.

  3. Giraffes are my favorites, too! The gemsbucks are gorgeous! We have a fairly decent zoo not far from us, but I haven't been in YEARS.

  4. This must have been so exciting for the kids! All of the animals are interesting but I like the orange bongo and the giraffe best. Such beautiful pictures too!

  5. What a fantastic array of creatures--and shadows!


    Shadows above me, shadows below,
    Shadows beside me, wherever I go;

    Shadows each morning, shadows at night—
    Shadows, O shadows, you’re my delight!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Ants, Shadows, Sunflower

  6. What a wonderful collection of photos! Just so lovely! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday!

  7. An orangey delight, the bongo look as though they have just been painted.
    Joy, ABC Team

  8. fun time at the zoo!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Thanks for a great tour with you of the Taipei Zoo!
    ABC Team

  10. Those Bongos look amazing. Enjoyed your post. thanks for sharing.

  11. Those are beautiful animals and so as the kids.

  12. i so love the hippo, the place looks really grand, i hope we also have one like that here. thanks for sharing, continue living green.


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