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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Signature Smile

Me at 15 years old (high school days).
Digging up some old photos, I saw this classic photo of mine from high school days. Back then, black and white was still on trend at photo souvenir shops. I was still a skinny little short-haired girl. Don't I look so sweet in here? My friends used to comment I'm one photogenic girl, which might have implied I don't look as good in person haha, but hey, I still took them as compliments lol. Fast forward to present, I'm no longer so sure if I still got the same smile. Check out my latest photo taken just last weekend.

Me and my smile 16 years later...

So do you think I still got my signature smile? My friends also commented that my daughter got some signature smile too. She usually smiles in front of the camera just the way I did in my younger days lol, and they make fun of it hmm. Check this out.

My daughter and her smile. She took this photo herself from my mobile.
So what do you think? Does my li'l girl got her mom's once signature smile too?  Thanks for visiting!


  1. SWeet smile! Same pa rin yung smile mo nung 15 years old ka pa lang at ngayon. Namana nga ng daughter mo ang sweet smile mo!

  2. It is a beautiful signature smile indeed and yes it most definitley passed on to your sweet daughter. :-) I love the black and white photo!


  3. haha parang magkapatid yong 1st pic and 2nd pic..Visiting from WW.

  4. very sweet smile same to your daughter.

  5. hi Kat! yes, i love your smile.. and that eyebrow is a bit raised.. for added effects! LOL. You still look so young. Funny I have not blog hopped yet, but I was curious about your photo I had to take a look. So this is the first entry I've visited so far! Haha! thanks for joining again!

  6. Beautiful pictures. As the saying goes " A picture is worth a thousand words." You still have your signature smile and look great. Your daughter also looks lovely and has a signature smile!

  7. Nothing has changed- still you got that cute smile:)

    Visiting for WW!! Hope you can visit me too:)

  8. beautiful smiles of Mommy and daughter and both lovely too :-) I missed high school days where the fun never stop :-) Dropping some late love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.


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